Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Real Commission...

So I was commissioned by my Dad to make 6 travel bags for his company's external hard drives. The designers in his art department have started saving all of their work at the end of the day to an external and taking it home at night just in case (God Forbid...) anything happens to the office ever, they will still have their work.

I am making a short visit to Michigan for the holidays from the 23rd to the 27th so all 6 have to be completed by then. I'm planning to buy some nylon strapping from JoAnns for the straps so they are a little more sturdy, but i have most of the shells and linings ready to go...

He wanted them in all different fabrics and to look "a little funky" so each one has 3 different fabrics that make up the bag and each one has a different cool printed cotton on the front. I used 3 different skull patterns that I have (i have recently become obsessed with collecting skull printed cottons from JoAnns... ), a King Kong fighting Godzilla print, Sushi, and a Cheshire cat smile print.

They are gonna look pretty sweet... but using all these fun prints has just given me more ideas for the rest of the yardage I own... ugh... if only I had more time! I have to go back to my retail job tomorrow... my two days off are over... anyone else ever notice how when you want time to fly it doesn't, but when you want to have more time your days fly by?

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