Monday, January 26, 2009

Goth Talk video with original Audio

so i uploaded a video to youtube and it was rejected because of copyright... so this is the original video with the original audio (cuz photobucket would take it!yay!)

there is going to be a version on youtube that has less crisp audio and slightly different tracks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The new year and design...

So this blog kind of got off to a running start and then I stopped short. Sorry bout that. :)

What have I been up to lately... well, honestly I'm STILL trying to finish those prom dresses. My problem is that I get side-tracked by other ideas and want to start on those as well, so now I have two dresses done, three of them almost finished, a bag I made for a commission, a vest in the making and millions of ideas in my head!

I'm also working on re-doing my portfolio... it seems like people are put off by my portfolio from FIDM's Debut... I can't imagine why... I mean... I only decorated it with skulls and tombstones and made all of the illustrations look like zombies...


Anyhoo... This is the dress I started working on when I decided I needed to finish everything I've started before I start anything new haha...

I loooooove it... its all black faux leather and this crazy purple/black faux snake-skin...= hawt. :)

I also just found out that although FIDM had been telling us this entire time that our clothes from Debut were going to be shown at a California Rep Luncheon in Washington DC during the inagural week, they only actually showed 4 students work and our hideous "Chairing Styles" dresses which we had to make to match a chair out of upholstery fabric... woo, fun.

That was kind of lame, but at any rate, with the inaguration being over and done with as of today, we will be getting our clothes back from FIDM soon, so I'm planning to have a shoot and then possibly auction off some of the clothing at some point. :)

If you'd like to see photos of the luncheon, they are here:

The 8th photo down on the far left in the thumbnails is the plaid Charing styles two-piece outfit I designed.