Monday, December 15, 2008

First Post: Welcome to Progress Updates!

Well Hi there Ho there!

Greetings all. Sup?

I decided since everyone else has one, I would start a blogspot too. So here we go.

Of course, I already have a LiveJournal, but I use that for more personal posting, and the MySpace blog is sort of whatever and I've slightly neglected it because it seems like everyone else does as well... and if I ever post any fashion stuff in either one of those, there are very few people who see it... and even fewer that really care about it. Therefore, here we are. I shall be posting updates of what i'm working on day to day here, you will get to see progress shots, before and after pieces, etc.
For those of you who watch my YouTube this may be a little bit of extra heroin for you since you all know I don't have time to make videos as often as most of you would like. ;)

so here we go. I will be taking some shots later today and posting here so you can see what types of things have been keeping me from YouTube... I currently have 4 prom dresses anywhere from 50% to 80% complete... so look out for photos of that comin up.
here's a teaser: enjoy!


  1. girlfriend, i love this purple/blue/black dress with the tooling! If i were a cross dresser, i'd rock that shit out.
    love ya!

  2. would you sell anyof these?

    i really need a dress and these are really cute i have looked everywhere!

    email me at