Monday, January 26, 2009

Goth Talk video with original Audio

so i uploaded a video to youtube and it was rejected because of copyright... so this is the original video with the original audio (cuz photobucket would take it!yay!)

there is going to be a version on youtube that has less crisp audio and slightly different tracks.


  1. Hey,

    I saw your fidm video blog as I'm getting ready to attend the professional designation program in fall '09. I hear it's a lot of work, which I'm completely fine with since I already have a 4-year degree from CU-boulder, so I know what it takes to be dedicated. What I'm really really worried about are the people there.

    I'm originally from LA. Well, a suburb in LA where the average income is 6 figures. I absolutely hated it. The girls I grew up with are pretty much like LC...but bitchier.

    When I moved out to colorado, i pretty much said, "fuck you" to all my old HS 'friends,' so coming back to LA will be a brand new beginning and i'm worried that I'm not going to meet some cool people.

    You seem real and down to earth with a little bit of spunk, so that's why i'm asking for your advice. Maybe not advice per say, but more input.

    I hear 90% of the girls there are just there because they love to shop, so they think they love fashion. I'm not sure I can handle too many girls like that, unless i do the whole fake 'yeah, totally!' bullshit, but are there cool people there? I'm sure there's cool people everywhere...but I just wanted to hear your side of first impressions of people there.
    whoa grammar.

    if you have a fb, you can find me on there: stephanie swan